The WCF is open to interns or volunteers. By sharing your time, energy and skills with the WCF, you can help to shine light on the modern cultural trends and lives of people with the ever changing nature of humanity as well as the challenges posed by political and social threats.

The internship/volunteer program at the World Culture Forum is intended to offer exposure to students and working professionals from different academic and professional backgrounds. It is an opportunity for driven individuals to modify their passion into lasting results and become a member of the effort to secure a lasting cultural dialogue among nations. At WCF, we believe in the incorporation of all individuals irrespective of their sex, gender, race, religion, age, nationality, education, caste etc. The internship/volunteer programme depends on the skill set of the interns as well as the demands of the organization. The programme provides you with opportunities to explore and contribute to the important features of running the organization. You can choose to be a part of opportunities extending from public mobilization, research, field exposures, documentation to project ideas, planning exhibitions or even putting into action your media support skills.Volunteering/ interning are a fabulous way to connect with people who are similar to you while widening your horizons.