To envisage the creation of a world which rests on the fundamentals of a connected and harmonious co-existence, which creates a platform for connecting culture and perseveres to build solidarity through inter-cultural interactions.

We are committed to providing a free, fair and equal platform on a global level to all cultures so as to build a relationship of mutual trust, respect, and cooperation which can achieve harmony and understanding of different cultures through inter-cultural interactions and effective communication.

The World Culture Forum is an international organization, who initiates peace-building and engages in extensive research on contemporary cultural trends across the globe in order to increase understanding and learning of one another’s cultures.

Our motto is “Culture Binds Humanity” and we believe that any step taken towards this, is a step towards a better future.

We enforce our aims through the 6 Wings:

Research, Fellowship Programme, Conference/Dialogue, Film Festival, and International Literature Festival.

WCF is an international cultural organization which invites change-makers to come together with the objective for promoting peace. We also honour people who initiate peace-building activities.

We organize various festivals and conferences along with extensively and thoroughly researched papers in line with our mission. Through Film Festivals, WCF provides a platform for young and emerging film-makers across the globe.

We undertake critical research into various aspects of World Culture which intends to fill the gap between cultural knowledge and its understanding. With regard to research, we offer a fellowship programme to support scholars, artists, researchers, and enthusiasts.

We aim:

  • To use the results of the pilot studies and researches to publish an International Handbook Presenting the new know-how, methodologies and best practices of different dimensions of culture-related services.
  • To provide tourists with authentic, educational and quality experiences by creating opportunities for them to interact with locals and indulge in localized practices and routines.
  • To form a platform of the universal brotherhood without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color and thereby promote and inculcate social harmony.
  • To disseminate information, knowledge, and guidance for socio-politico- economical- cultural movements and publish books, pamphlets, leaflets, magazines, periodicals, brochures for the same.
  • To undertake propaganda, training, and education of the masses either on its owner in cooperation with similar organizations working for the cause of culture promotion.
  • To generate employment opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged section of the community by involving them in tourism services and establish centers for employment generation.
  • To promote cultural exchanges between nations and organize community-based tours, internships/training, student exchanges, and other such tourist activities at national and international level.
  • To work for the promotion of films, literature, visual and performing arts and protect and preserve the intangible heritage.
  • To undertake any other item for the attainment or fulfillment of the aforesaid objects.

enjoys recognition under the relevant section of the Income Tax Act, 1961.