At World Culture Forum, we engage in systematic research spread across areas such as culture, heritage, yoga, environment and tourism. We also undertake pilot projects in our field of research. We believe that culture and heritage as a marker of human civilization needs to be studied and understood more so in this age and time. Culture being an ever evolving term, it is important to always keep ourselves abreast with the changing belief systems and practices of our times. Understanding the diverse culture and heritage all across the world is what we believe will bring us together and establish peace and tranquillity amongst the different cultures and society. We truly belief that it is through such research works and understanding that people all over the world would come together despite all the differences.

Our team work towards enhancing understanding and capacity building for action, monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment. We frequently conduct studies on culture- micro as well as macro- assessing cultural trends across the globe. Our aim is to bring the diverse cultures together and enable the people to transcend across their rigid boundary of ghettoization through our research and projects.