The vision of World Cultural Review is to promulgate acknowledgment of similarity and vicissitudes of cultures all over the globe along with the intent of understanding and instilling mutual respect for every culture in the global community. Through the wings of myriad cultural practices such as cuisine, clothing, festivities, languages, customs and various forms of artistic and cultural expressions which are the frequent features in review, World Cultural Review aims to provide a platform for an insight into the cultural design of societies that are spread all around the world. It furthers the value of placing every culture on an equal pedestal while remarking that every individual is the product of their culture and similarly, every culture is the product of the amalgamation of collective practices of the individuals that are consisted under its ambit.

World Cultural Review is the bimonthly magazine issued by World Culture Forum, an organization which envisages the creation of a world which rests on the fundamentals of harmonious cooperation and co-existence while creating avenues for connecting cultures and perseveres to build solidarity through inter-cultural interactions while being committed to provide free, fair and equal platform to all cultures so as to build a relationship of mutual trust, respect, and cooperation which can achieve harmony amongst and understanding of different cultures through inter-cultural interactions and effective communication.

As cross-cultural stimulations have been at the root of every important development that humanity has led and been subject to. The World Cultural Review creates an avenue to explore and further such stimulations that have enriched the lives of people and imparts the due reverence that every culture deserves due to its peculiarity. Instead of the common misconception regarding ‘culture’ as an involuntary repetition of the actions committed to replicate the practices of genealogical predecessors, World Cultural Review reinstates the prestige of culture as ​the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society along with the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively​.