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Conferences & Dialogues

World Culture Forum has conducted, in association with CNRI chair of sustainability and Public Policy in a series discussion on Teesri Sarkar to brainstorm about Solidarity Economy and Panchayati Raj. Thought Leaders/Experts/ Enthusiast in Local Self Governance, 73rd Amendment and future of our GPs were invited for participation such as Miss Vinita Hariharan ( Formerly Head of R-Urban,Govt of [...]

Musical Event is Performed by Pandavani Group

Pandavani is a folk singing style which involves narration of talents from ancient epic Mahabarata .This particular folk singing style belong to state of Chattisgarh. World culture forum was fortunate to invite the Sangeet natak Academy award winning group of artists to perform and honour them with WCF awards at our office at YMCA. [...]

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