What is the formal procedure to connect with the organization?2021-08-29T07:49:12+00:00

Mail us your specifications and whenever there is an occasion we will get in touch with you, but if you are interested in operating with us then the valid way is to start by working with us. This will give you a first-hand idea about our work, our work culture, our aims etc. Email us your detailed resume at info@worldcultureforum.org.in.

Will I receive a bonafide certificate if I connect with the World Culture Forum?2021-08-29T07:48:28+00:00

On request, we will certainly issue a certificate for the work and duration of time that a person has volunteered with the World Culture Forum based on the tasks designated by us. On the other hand, we deter people from approaching us with requests from their friends, relatives, children wanting a certificate when they are not really interested in serving with us as a volunteer/intern.

Do I need to pay any particular association fee to become your member/ volunteer of the World Culture Forum?2021-08-29T07:47:26+00:00

No, there is no membership fee for joining the World Culture Forum.

How can I intern/volunteer with the World Culture Forum?2021-08-29T07:46:44+00:00

The WCF is open to interns or volunteers. By sharing your time, energy and skills with the WCF, you can help to shine light on the modern cultural trends and lives of people with the ever changing nature of humanity as well as the challenges posed by political and social threats.

The internship/volunteer program at the World Culture Forum is intended to offer exposure to students and working professionals from different academic and professional backgrounds. It is an opportunity for driven individuals to modify their passion into lasting results and become a member of the effort to secure a lasting cultural dialogue among nations. At WCF, we believe in the incorporation of all individuals irrespective of their sex, gender, race, religion, age, nationality, education, caste etc. The internship/volunteer programme depends on the skill set of the interns as well as the demands of the organization. The programme provides you with opportunities to explore and contribute to the important features of running the organization. You can choose to be a part of opportunities extending from public mobilization, research, field exposures, documentation to project ideas, planning exhibitions or even putting into action your media support skills.Volunteering/ interning are a fabulous way to connect with people who are similar to you while widening your horizons.

What are the reservations for Cultural film festivals and literature festivals?2021-08-29T07:45:55+00:00

We provide an opportunity for undiscovered filmmakers across the globe to showcase their films in the face of a real live audience as well as to have their films reviewed by professional critics. A list of films from across the globe is compiled by a jury and screened at our festivals which are mostly focused on Non- Resident Indians/ Indian Diaspora. The details regarding the upcoming events are posted on our website one month prior to the date of commencement. To submit your entry, please write to us at info@worldcultureforum.org.in

How can I join the World Culture Forum?2021-08-29T07:45:24+00:00

We understand the need for opportunities. It is undeniable that learning team work amplifies greater growth in the individual and it can also allow an individual to expand one’s horizons. Similarly, our team is comprised of individuals with talent and skill. Herewith, we are looking forward to someone who has a passion to excel and for that we have opportunities in- researching, editing, translating, IT regulating, administration and the legal frame department.

Please complete the Application Form and attach your Resume for a job or an internship.














Where do you have your formal office?2021-08-29T07:43:18+00:00

World Culture Forum has its own office and paid staff in Delhi- Room No. 1003, Gate No. 01, YMCA, Jai Singh Road near Parliament Police Station, New Delhi-110001 INDIA.

How was the World Culture Forum formed and does it holds any governmental affiliation?2021-08-29T07:42:11+00:00

The World Culture Forum was formed in 2016 by Mr. Prahlad Narayan Singh along with six members as a governing body. This is not a government organization but an independent international forum registered under the India Trust Act 1982. The organization does not believe in hierarchical layers.

How does WCF connect different cultures and promote harmony?2021-08-29T07:35:25+00:00

We inspire to organise dialogues and discussions on building world peace by initiating discussions as our fundamental objective. We work towards this objective by providing a global platform to showcase cultural diversity and enable international dialogue on a fair and equal basis. We also recognize and honour the efforts of those who have worked/are working towards peace-building through cultural harmony by felicitating them on a social platform.

What does WCF do?2021-08-29T07:34:33+00:00

We extensively research on cultural trends and discuss the challenges of culture via conferences. We promote and celebrate cultural diversity by organising film and literature festivals. Furthermore, we appreciate the efforts of individuals involved in peace-building by awarding them fellowships.

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