At the World Culture Forum, we engage in research and work towards enhancing and understanding Culture through the capacity of action, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment reinforcing our aim of connecting cultures through communication. We frequently conduct studies on culture on a micro as well as macro level assessing cultural trends across the globe. The issues are created as an outlet to speak of the ever-changing nature of culture and humanity which is a part of every society. With every edition, we present our bi-monthly magazine “World Culture Review” and makes effort to align the magazine with the vision and mission of the “World Culture Forum” so that it can work as a strong force to establish the message via one of the wings i.e. Research. The itineraries of the issues get hand-picked and crafted in a manner to give the readers an offbeat experience of the various cultures containing hidden gems and charming thoughts which may not have been known earlier. As a reflection of our commitment to promote various cultures and arts, we compose different cultural practices like carnivals, festivals, lifestyles and several other things. In recent times we have seen the crisis looming over humanity because of narrow interests, but we believe in the immense power of culture in binding people together and for that acceptance and knowledge of cultures are mandatory. Readers will meet in line with our mission to seek harmony among the various cultures and to understand them well as it discusses the loss of cultural diversity which is important to unveil the homogenisation driven by narrow understanding. We aim to push the boundaries of our thinking and tell stories that needed to be heard in ways we had not imagined before, basically understanding the importance of Culture for peace reconciliation to build cooperation, increase social acceptance and resolve culture-related issues, as the term ‘Peace’ holds larger connotation than just the absence of war.

We aim to train the next generation of leaders in art and research, with the intent to fill the gap between cultural knowledge and its understanding. For this purpose, we provide the WCF Fellowship for a period of 12-24 months to encourage and support scholars, researchers, artists and enthusiasts to undertake critical research on the various aspects of World Culture intending to advance knowledge and understanding of various cultures in the world. The Fellowship Programme further initiates wider perspectives, as well as a nuanced understanding of cultures in order to bring forth harmony by advocating dialogue.

The “International Literature Festival” at Goa is an attempt to align the event with the vision and mission of the “World Culture Forum” and to promote the festival to be one of the country’s leading festivals connecting with the masses. Providing a platform for a lively exchange of opinions on literature (fiction and nonfiction), ideas and opinions. The Festival invites authors, poets, dramatists, artists, lyricists, scriptwriters, filmmakers and intellectuals from across the country and the world. The Festival is an attempt to provide a space for discussion with the objective for the flourishing of ideas. In time, there’s hope for the expansion of the Festival as its influence increases, while catering to a large audience. The festival will take place amidst the stunning backdrop of Goa, a city known for the beautiful amalgamation of contemporary architecture carefully crafted and the stunning seascape which creates an atmosphere of old-world charm.

Through Film Festivals, the World Culture Forum provides a platform to young and emerging filmmakers across the globe and brings them closer to an audience expanding their potential. An assortment of films from across the globe on the theme of Culture is curated by our jury which is then screened at the Festival. The itinerary of the Festival, as well as the registration portal, will be available on our website a month prior to the event. We have plans to hold an “International Cultural Film Festival” at New York City as an avenue to celebrate cultural diversity through the lens of the art of film making while highlighting the finest films from renowned filmmakers as well as upcoming new expertise from around the globe. Striving to establish an immense global film making network, ICFF invites everyone to learn about and appreciate authentic local cultures and the value of cultural diversity in film. We are trying to align the vision and mission of the “World Culture Forum” in order to promote film-makers from all over the world to engage in this event aiming to unfold the science and emotion behind cinema and make it accessible to the audiences far and wide while expanding Indian cinema and culture. Such events also bring countries closer by building bridges to enable cross-cultural exchanges, social understanding, allowing the flow of creativity. It is a unique means for bridging the communication channels between distant places and a helping hand at the frontline of an increasingly polarised world. We have created awards in order to shine a light on exceptional cinema across the globe which seeks harmony through culture.

The World Culture Forum organises bi-annual conferences focused on accessing and identifying challenges to cultural harmony. We at WCF envision a world without borders; a world united in peace while acknowledging those who make it possible. The Forum honours those who work towards building cultural harmony in the fields of peace, politics, science, economics, literature, journalism and performing arts. We organise conferences where you can formulate the best comprehensive program on assessing and identifying challenges to the cultural harmony and propose a sustainable plan of action to promote cultural dialogue among nations.

The World Culture Forum works towards peacebuilding and initiating inter-cultural dialogue between nations. We envision a world without borders, a world united in peace and acknowledge those who make it happen. The Forum honours those who work towards building cultural harmony in the fields of peace, politics, science, economics, literature, journalism and performing arts. We believe that change-makers are the need of the hour and in recognition of their efforts, WCF rewards the contributions of visionaries and the torch-bearers of change.