Astika Sharma
(Masters, Political Science)
Astika Sharma has completed Masters in Political Science from JNU. She is Interested in Gender Politics, International Politics, Indian Politics. As a trained actor she loves theatre. Her other hobbies include Writing and Social Work. She has volunteered and Interned in NGOs in Delhi and Assam ranging from teaching school dropouts, working with street women to teaching theatrical skills in rehabilitation centre for trafficked women and children. Recently working in a project of ‘One Nation one Election’ as a Research Intern in World Culture Forum.

Bibhusha Rai
(Graduate, English)
Bibhusha Rai is an English graduate from Hindu College, Delhi University, and currently persuing Masters in English Language from Lady Sri Ram College. She has been editor of various magazines published from the college while doing the graduation and published various articles. Besides, she also worked as event coordinator for various programs. In world Culture Forum she contributed to various research work conducted in the organization

Vidhi Rupal
(Political Enthusiast)
Vidhi Rupal is a political enthusiast, striving to enhance her communication, writing and critical thinking along with her problem-solving and analytical skills. She believes in taking small roles of leadership in day to day life and further enhance these skills to achieve something big in future. During her internship at the World Culture Forum, she undertook the project on the simultaneous elections. It focused on evaluating the political finance in India and analyzing the economic slowdown and assessing the challenges of the same.

Anjani Chadha
(Undergraduate, Multimedia & Mass Communication)
Anjani is an undergraduate student enrolled in Multimedia and mass communication, with an affinity for words, an interest in theatres and film studios and an ardour to learn about politics and international relations. While working with World Culture Forum she undertook various activities such as making projects, preparing speech, recording work etc.

Tanistha Chhabra
(Delhi University, Business Economist)
Tanistha Chhabra is a motivated and creative Business economics student at Delhi University, who has a special knowledge of French literature. She worked as a summer intern in World Culture Forum where she wrote many culture related proposals, formatted letters to the embassy and various other activities.