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WCF is a NGO, staffed by volunteers also who believe there is a critical difference between aid in the form of temporary financial assistance that encourages needless dependency, and sustainable solutions that can be implemented and managed. If you believe that “assisting” people means doing things that benefit them, please join us and help make it happen!

Benefits to Volunteers:

  • Volunteers with the skills and desire to take more responsibility will be given priority for management positions within WCF.
  • All contributing volunteers will be credited for their work on our team page. You will have the opportunity to post your profile and photo on our website and we will offer links to your own website. Volunteers who want to use their experience with us on resumes can post their CV on WCF.
  • We are happy to write letters of recommendation and verify your time donated.
  • Main volunteer contributors will be offered the opportunity to join WCF in future expeditions or documentaries.


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