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All over the world, we witness a lot of problems. Each and every nation no matter how advanced or developed faces its own set of obstacles and is trying to find an approach to solve these challenges that best fit their society.

In this century we are not only experiencing the greatest amount of innovations and creations but also setbacks that arise out of our solutions to previous challenges. The situation now unfortunately, only keeps getting worse. At World Culture Forum, we see this as an opportunity. This is our time, our chance to bring all the different nations and cultures together and remind humanity that all the stories are weaved together to form one large book.

Culture of any society is the keyhole to understanding the edifice of that society, its various institutions, practices and beliefs. It provides us with a brief overview of that society, its essence, but understanding culture in itself is a tedious task. Great many battles have been fought and many societies are still at war because of cultures being misrepresented and misunderstood. How can we understand culture, different from our own, without prejudice, without any presumptions? Our work at WCF focuses on this very domain.

We recognise the differences and variations in all the cultures of the world but advocate that we are all united and unique because of our differences.

Our differences teach us peace, love, acceptance and tolerance. Our motto, which is culture bounds humanity, essentially implies that. It is important for the world to remember that it is the very fact that we are all different, that brings us together as one. Our differences unite us, they enrich experiences and each culture has its own values and ideas that can teach valuable lessons to other cultures. Going back to our roots and understanding the essence of our own culture and the cultures of others can answer a lot of questions that have arisen in the contemporary era, questions and challenges on poverty, security, education, governance , environment , diseases and  many  more.

These are the fundamental elements of our organisation, our focus is on promoting cultural harmony and we acknowledge those who have contributed to the society through their work and have helped blur the boundaries that separate people. We at WCF celebrate diversity, because we firmly believe that it is the only way to bring all nations together. The various wings of our organisation and all other organisations and countries affiliated to WCF do their utmost to maximise our efforts to build a more peaceful world and to set an example for others to follow.


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