Prahlad Narayan Singh
Prahlad Narayan Singh is the visionary founder of World Culture Forum. Beside an eminent and elaborate career as a researcher, journalist, political analyst, and advocate in Supreme Court, Mr. Singh has published extensive work on socio-economic and political aspects in both national and international arena. Being a holder of a doctorate in political science, law and humanities he has played a key role in devising the agendas for global peace being a constant activist at international conferences and seminars on global relations. Moreover, his commentaries on global politics are often stressed by Indian print and broadcasting media. A curious change-maker at heart, World Culture Forum was founded in 2015 by Mr. Singh as a non-profit initiative to build global cultural peace by initiating discussion at micro as well as macro level. He aims to promote global harmony and governance by bringing scholars, activists, economists, artists and politicians, all at one table. Inspired by Mr. Singh’s creative energy, the genesis of the Forum is a sequence of his determination, patience, sincerity, and perseverance. His ethos of discipline and punctuality implies the fundamental principle of the organization being the hallmark of success.

Ankush Bhardawaj
Ankush is a Gandhi Fellow with a Masters in Rural Development and graduation in Gender Studies along with an MBA in Development Management. He carries with him a certain refinement & a larger perspective to the projects, you would usually witness his passion for integrating Gandhian principles to the social development of urban & rural communities. While working with Yuva Parivartan for the past 7 years, he has provided training for over 2 lakh youth across 10 states in collaboration with various stakeholders and corporate. He has a past experience of working as a Director at Kherwadi Social Welfare Association and Founder of Pahal welfare organization. Since 2016 he is also working as a consultant with Tata Trusts Mumbai, primarily focused at migrants and informal sector workers. On the rare occasion that he becomes free, you would find him trekking in some desolate wilderness or gulping contemporary books on Psychology & Spirituality.

Mrs Priya Singh
(Communication and Dissemination Manager)

Mrs Priya Singh is an activist with a master’s in social works and humanities along with a degree of B.Ed. and Arts. She carries with her a certain elegance & a larger outlook to the projects; integrating societies with no discrimination either urban or rural communities. While working as a journalist for the past few years, she has primarily focused on Woman Empowerment at all sector workers. She has firmly exhaustive experience of building sustainable plans for social justice, hiking in some gulping contemporary books on Psychology & Piousness.

Shiva Kumar
(Programme Manager)
Mr. Shiva Kumar is a fellow who has 8 years of sole expertise in software development and Electronics-communication. He has refined his passion by engaging in several developmental plans to foster the transformation of so well established companies such as ASM Technologies Pvt Ltd, MMI Software Solution, Bells Softtech Ltd, Technologies, Vishnu Techsoft and many more. He carries himself with a larger perspective to the project under the World Culture Forum being the National Head, and for that, he appeared to win the ‘Meritorious Service Award’ for Creative Performances by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture. Moreover, he has been felicitated for signifying the core aspirant of IAS, IPS, IRS, and UPSE.


Ankit Roy
In a career crossing over 9-years experience in the Social Sector, Ankit Roy has worked on Public Relations and Networking tirelessly to revive the rural prosperity and culture of remote areas of the country India. He has successfully executed projects based on the sustainability of market trends and has extensive experience in Research and documentation. With a background in commerce, Ankit holds an MBA in Rural Development and Management, exhaustive experience in employment base vocational training for the vulnerable section with special emphasis on entrepreneurship development. At present, he is a consultant at the World Culture Forum and is engaged in building a sustainable plan which looks at transforming the Himalayan belt – creating a market-driven ecosystem perfect for fostering tourism.