The Symbol/Logo of the WCF is composed of various elements. The outer circle contains the name of the organisation, while the inner circle contains a globe surrounded by 6 figures. The colours blue and white depict peace which is the aim of the Organisation. The 6 figures surrounding the globe which represents our World are the 6 Wings of the WCF. Through these 6 Wings, the WCF seeks to fulfil its vision and mission advocating peace and harmony throughout the world. The 6 Wings are as follows- Research, WCF Fellowship Programme, Film Festival, Literature Festival, Conference/Dialogue and Awards. Through these 6 Wings, the World Culture Forum initiates peacebuilding and engages in extensive research on contemporary cultural trends across the globe. The WCF is also an International organisation and therefore we have the globe, our world at the centre of the logo as ultimately the aim of the organisation is the welfare of the world.