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About Us


The world Culture Forum (WCF) Organization is multidisciplinary initiative to Inter- cultural Interactions and Cultural Harmony around the world. WCF is working in the cause of Development by cultural exchange and communication through its collaboration with Global thinkers, Groups, associations and organizations.
WCF is concerned with universal values and culture shared across the barriers of borders,politics, culture, religion, race and ethnicity etc. The WCF and individuals envisioned an organization that would work in collaboration across those barriers, thereby weaving a selfless social fabric essential to establish a Culture of peace.


Culture is an irreplaceable resource for a positive future in a world to create peace, harmony, and happiness. The space where we can understand how we can live together with our identities. We want to re-think and build a peaceful world.





WCF nurtures a socially engaged and a culturally rooted platform across the world. We are committed in promoting various cultures and arts by organizing country to country dialogue, Cultural-exchange programs and Award functions at a global level.



World Culture Forum works towards peace-building and initiating inter-cultural dialogue between nations. At WCF we envision a world without borders, a world united in peace and acknowledge those who make it happen. The forum honours those who work towards building cultural harmony in the fields of science, peace, economics, politics, literature, journalism and performing arts. We believe in change makers and that they are the need of the hour, in recognition of their efforts, World Culture Forum rewards the contributions of visionaries and the torch-bearers of change.


At WCF we engage in a variety of research and pilot projects reinforcing our aim of connecting cultures through Inter-Cultural communication. Our team focuses on enhancing understanding and capacity for action; foresight studies; monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment, regional studies on culture and assessing cultural trends across the globe.


Bi-annual conferences organised by World Culture Forum focus on- assessing and identifying obstacles encountered in the achievement of cultural harmony, as well as strategies and initiatives to overcome these constraints; addressing new and emerging issues that are of immediate concern and propose a sustainable plan of action to promote inter-cultural and inter-generational dialogue amongst nations.


Celebrating culture, peace and diversity Film Festivals organised by World Culture Forum play a crucial role in connecting international talent with audiences of varied backgrounds. The festival showcases a carefully selected batch of emerging film makers and films that are works of excellence and promote cultural harmony. A curated list of films from different countries is reviewed byour jury which are then screened during the festival. We also accept submissions, upcoming and independent film makers may contact us (insert link) if they wish to submit their work. The details regarding our festivals and registration as a part of the audience are posted on our website one month prior to the event dates.



World Literature Festival organised by WCF serves as a melting pot of ideas. We bring together an amalgam of works representing different cultures and backgrounds. The festival showcases a plethora of literary works regarding key issues and calls to booklovers across the world to advance an engaging environment that enables learning and cultural exchange. Our festival’s core value is to offer a free and fair platform to writers, thinkers, humanitarians, politicians, business leaders and to mediate thoughtful discussions over cultural diversity and peace.


World Culture Forum is an international think tank for change makers who come together to join us in our objective of building peace. Our organisation firmly believes that peace can be found through dialogue and discussion, and that all of humanity must come together to unite in all their differences to build a better future for the future generations. It is in this spirit that WCF not only honours all those who initiate peace-building activities but our research team extensively engages with current cultural trends across the globe to increase our understanding and learning of other cultures. Cultural diversity faces impeding threats and the need of the hour is to come forward and join hands and pledge to defend humanity against all destructive forces through inter-cultural dialogue. In line with our mission, we organise various festivals and conferences along with releasing extensively researched papers. WCF encourages creativity and innovation in the field of culture as we believe that, “culture bounds humanity” and any step towards it, is a step towards a secure future.



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