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About Us

World Culture Forum (WCF) is a registered trust under the India Trust Act. 1882, aimed at promoting world Peace, Cultural Harmony, Inter-Cultural Interactions, and many more, and to help humanity and Life-Form exist on the Planet Earth for thousands of generations to come. Culture of a country plays vital role in achieving this and WCF strives towards preservation of cultural aspects and realization of this mission.

WCF undertakes activities like intellectual awakening, building conscience, material transformation through a host of programs which include education of masses, skill development, seminars, conferences, research activities, meetings, dialogues, providing opportunities for employment, inter-cultural interactions, etc. It also undertakes programs to improve agriculture through use of latest technology, promoting innovations and experiments; and financial assistance. WCF also arranges for tourists to interact authentically and qualitatively with locals in unstructured and spontaneous manner (Sports activities, school/institution visits, local festivals, etc.) to promote inter-cultural interactions. Also, promotion of performing Art of various genres in field of music, dance & drama, and, promotion of visual arts such as Paintings, sculptures, traditional and folk art and crafts, are undertaken by WCF.

It aims at creating a platform for intellectual discussions among leaders, scholars, philosophers and like minded people by establishing institutions and academies. WCF also takes up important research in identifying tourist places and help in planning to become sustainable in their respective operations. It wishes to come out with international Handbook presenting the new know-how methodologies and best practice of the different dimensions of the Culture Guide Services.

WCF strives to create a platform for countries to have an interaction at culture to culture level. There is a constant endeavor to facilitate for inter-cultural interactions between delegates/tourists/people of different nations.


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